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Day, month lang wind. Swim with a carefree, one eyebrow good water, thanks to a monastery. Light footsteps, stepping a brisk pace, ascend the stairs, the time of the corner, nuskin hk waiting for one season bloom!

Peach after the rain, and willows breeze, season always while people unprepared, quietly turn migration. In march, the footsteps of spring has been approached. The misty rain misty rain heroine, jiangnan, but also added a poetic, give a person infinite daydream. Put all rushed to sad, everywhere is permeated with the breath of spring.

Lush landscape remote mountains hazy, insect songbirds are traveling, near water Simon Simon bibo ripple, fish. A swallow, the breeze stroke, came the faint scent, in the gentle breeze, gradually, mumbling word. Jade flute HengChui, curled up, xiao, drawing, dancing butterfly fluttering.

Idle see flowers; sit on songs, dream listen to says, doubt is a friend. Pick up a nice, brew a pot of fragrant teas, in the courtyard, look at the carpet of flowers, flowers contend in beauty, to the best of life. Recent sea leisurely fly, sapphire counter frequency frowns, out of the window in alarm spring grass green, busy painting black green hills in the mirror.

I have since the road south, listening to the piano, with laughter, very many people. The tweedle, gentle refused to, breaking my heart, if you hum: 'the rain in succession, hometown of old plants deep, I heard that you always a person, the gate of mottled, sit the old roots, SLATE is echoed in the wait... I heard that you still keep a gu city, suburban panpipes, fall where nomura, fate takes root is - we '. I find the sound comes from? The sky gradually forget return late. Nazhi BiYin acoustic songs are, nuskin hk to a lovesickness debt.

A wisp of the piano, playing the past on her mind. Open the cover page of time, still deducing the clutch and mottled ink, between the lines, naked misty rain jiangnan unique lasting appeal. Su causeway lake, tender willow sprout, broken bridge above, through one thousand years of looking back, looking and searching, like a lost soul, night after night dream. The dream, who jade flute la, who melodious song? Wind sounds like the music world, echo drops of water, through the mountains, fall in the wind all over again, filar silk tender feelings is like the sky, petals across beauty, fell on the bed, in the dream of one thousand one thousand, heard she wavered, scooped up three tap water, seven leaf spring scenery, ten purging sweet wine.

Looking back at past in this life, rolling the world of mortals, who can depend on? So-called iraqis, another side of the river, by window alone leaning, sprinkle month was yan, since the look, alone sad; String is difficult to cut, acacia hard to break, day after day, night after night looking forward to, the magpies branches, more bleak, is old, but renovation of works? If together, not separation!

Standing in time and protection, writing ink, spread a piece of paper, in time for pen, in leisure, for ink, pen writing time. The world of mortals on the safety, mr.zhou flowers, to express how much QingHuan, painted a few painters. A romantic time, on the safety of blooms, scooped up a ray of moonlight, saving into full of yearning to fly in the night wind, nuskin hk in the depths of the time, countless red-violet.

May put a domain misty rain, poetic term for boat rowed one leaf, tread in the sound wave rolled WuPengChuan difficulties dream, day by day, the latter for jiangnan splash-ink freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, night after night, becomes in the GuZhengQu jiangnan.

He spring rain, dense smoke. Picked up a carefree, in the oiled paper umbrella, walking in the south lane, hope to meet with a clove knot the tragic girl, look at her, "silently walk to Pi bobbed, crashing through the long and narrow the rain lane, disappear in ink jiangnan...

Painters held out his hand to touch the leaves, the but again retract, lest disturb the beautiful picture, but to round of cold remain in my heart, save to eyebrow eyes.

Who? Hold my hand, I pour you gentle, the world of mortals dream weaving, I drunk dyeing time, together. Drift from place to place, this life only for picking you. Days has been destroyed, not old, has been surging sea, field of mulberry, action time, step by step, one time. Not by turbulent, turned the sea into change and lean on Zhu Ge, looking at the sky, only disappointed, thousands of words, a sigh. Who wan of moss, wan son I of the emotion? If you jiangnan, how much hesitation? Painters paint with all arch eyebrows curved, prosperity prosperous by your brow cinnabar. Night decayed, small inn window, drunken YuHua desolate, I pour a cup of qing makeup, a cup of cool, two cups of frost. To hill high water is long, and I dream jiangnan.

Quiet corner in the world of mortals, look on the safety flowers bloom, day, month lang wind. Swim with a carefree, one eyebrow good water, thanks to a monastery. Light footsteps, stepping a brisk pace, ascend the stairs, in time the corner, nuskin hk waiting for one season bloom.

Greengage boiled tea, size of pure jasmine, and consumes a batch of purple smoke madadayo smoke, brushed for static, in the world of mortals, for dojo, built a heart buddhist zen of bodhi. Light in accordance with the time, shallow reading time, still make a bloomy spring carefree, playing a QuFeng burn of vocal music, and live to the world of mortals refreshment in silence, taking the advantage of the time, just time don't ruin, the time in bloom like a lotus flower flower heart...

Sitting in a world of mortals, dyed a prosperous, how much QingHuan, ZuiYin a glass of wine. In this life, the time of the Yu Sujie, only wish, holding a roll of qing li's poems, a leaves the essay, a pair of elegant and a song of the heart, in no time in the enron.
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